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A thousand cupcakes and cookies and thanks to these awesomely radical people! Without them, this site would've never been possible (or, at least, highly unlikely. Hmm).

My mum and dad - for putting up with me going on the computer 14/7 - you're legends you are!

My sister - for not beating me up for going on the computer 14/7. You have no idea how grateful I am for that.

My form teacher - for allowing me to enter. And for not saying anything when I accidentally ticked the "Miss" box in the entry form instead of "Mr." Whoops...

All my friends - because they are cool and that is a good enough reason.

You - for actually going through this site - like, wow. Why are you even reading the credits, anyway?

The NetGuide People - because organising this whole competition, ploughing through and judging hundreds of websites takes effort, hard work and a lot of coffee.

Also, all the sites that I've visited are linked in the links page and throughout this site (where it's relavant). I've gone through a couple of books for my research too, the most useful and interesting of all being Flatterland by Ian Stewart. If you have an interest in maths, physics or modern quantum or string theories, I recommend this book.

Thanks also to:

Dynamic Drive for their CCS Drop Down Menu script, which is the nifty little menu under the banner on every page.

"User:Cleonis" from Wikipedia, for making the very effective time dilation animation. I've linked his site here too - click on the link to see his website - he writes physics articles, so if you're interested, go and take a look.

• This is a lame one, I know, but I'd have to acknowledge all the scientists that have dedicated their time to researching and discovering and theorising. Without them, we wouldn't have cool subjects to study and teach.

All of the graphics on this site were made by me (except for the animation from Wikipedia on the time dilation page). All of the articles on this site were planned out and written by myself. If you want to copy anything, go ahead, but don't let me find out! Ehe. I'm not at all against people looking at the source of this site - if you want to learn HTML, one of the best ways to learn it is to find out for yourself. But if you simply copy and paste everything, you're not going to be learning much, eh? Just saying.