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Fourth Dimension

In string theory, where there are 10 or more dimensions stacked on top of each other, the fourth dimension can simply be seen as a line that is part of a fifth dimensional shape consisting of many different lines. And the sixth dimension can be seen as the dimension where you can twist, fold and manipulate fourth and fifth dimensional shapes and lines; thus, manipulating the different timelines.

Just as a flatlander could "teleport" between opposite ends of a 2D world by a 3D creature folding the 2D world in the dimension above, it is possible to fold the fourth/fifth dimensions through the sixth dimension to "teleport" from one point in time to another.

» Fourth, fifth, and sixth dimension? Huh? I am confused!

As am I.

Okay, to better explain this, let us refer back to the first three dimensions:

Visual representations of dimensions 0 through to 3

Now, the next three dimensions of time, as you can see here, aren't much diferent:

Visual representations of dimensions 4 through to 6.

This theory makes time travel theoretically possible, althouh harnessing control in the sixth dimension is extremely unlikely and probably not one of the ways that will be considered for practical time travelling.