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Hungry for more information? Awesome! Here are some radical sites that I've come across throughout my research:

An Example of Time Dilation - This site has a cool java applet that stimulates what would happen if you were on Earth witnessing time dilation. You can adjust the speed and it's in eye-gaugingly bright colours too! Yay!

White Holes and Wormholes - A ton of info on.. well, white holes and wormholes. It also shows you how to stabilise a wormhole with "exotic matter."

"Through the Looking Glass" [.PDF FILE ALERT!] - An interview with Dr's Päs, Pakvasa, and Weiler on applied string and brane theory physics to time travel. Really interesting stuff - highly recommended read.

NOVA Online - Time travel - Another 'time travel 101' site. It's in 2 short parts, which will probably include information that's already on this site. But if the purple background compells you so...