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Time travel - to move back and forth at will through time - wouldn't it be awesome?

This site will introduce some of the basic concepts of time travel and some of the many theories in which time travel could be made possible through, and it will provide this information in 10 minutes or less! But only of you read really, really fast!

If you're interested in physics, time travel, or if you're just plain bored and want to kill some time - take a look around. You may discover a new interest! Or you may have just killed time - either way, you'll get what you came for.

The pages can be read in any order, but if you love me at all, try to read them in order - the concepts and theories build on each other, and everything will make more sense.

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Hehe. So there you go. You are free now! Exits are at the top; restrooms... probably won't be found on this site. Feel free to explore the totally radical world of time travel, and have fun!