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Presentism is a philosphy that aims to disprove the possibility of time travel. It is a way of thinking that believes that the concepts of past and future does not exist.

If past and future does not exist, then travelling through time to get there would be impossible - one cannot go to a place that does not exist. This is not a scientific theory, per se; it is more of a belief, or religion; or way of thinking. There aren't much important points to make, though there's more information about presentism on the web if you want to read about it though.

» So, what's the point of it being here?

While presentism might not be a totally scientific theory that's smothered in equations and genius - it is still a valid concept. I'm just saying: it exists. It's there. Whoop whoop.

T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics (by Ryan North) explains this much better in the February 10, 2005 comic.
(If you've never heard of Dinosaur comics before, then you may have been living under a large boulder. With no internet connection.)

Anyway! In conclusion, presentism has good points and bad points and is not as interesting as I thought it was!